Electric Vehicle Charging & Jump Starts

We have experience with the largest and most popular EV car makers, so you can rest assured can safely jump start your 12-volt system to get your EV back on the road. Jumping an electric vehicle can be dangerous and cause a great deal of damage if performed incorrectly, but you can count on Raleigh Towing & Recovery to safely jump start your EV and get you on your way.


There for You in Your Time of Need

Did your EV get a flat tire on the way to work? Is your Tesla or other electric vehicle having engine issues? At Raleigh Towing & Recovery, we understand the growing industry of electric vehicles and, as a trusted local towing company, we make it our job to provide expert towing and roadside to ALL vehicles, whether it’s gas, hybrid, or fully electric. There are several towing companies that can tow your standard car or truck, but we are one of the only companies in Raleigh and the Triangle area capable of providing EV towing and emergency roadside.

Give us a call now at 919-838-8845 to get our Electric Vehicle Towing Team working hard for you!

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